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Prof. Anna Baldycheva, Group Leader

Prof Anna Baldycheva is an Associate Professor in EEE  and a Head of STEMM Labs Research Hub at the University of Exeter. STEMM Lab is a highly interdisciplinary academic research lab working on applied R&D of smart technologies for real world applications. STEMM Labs actively cooperate with the representatives of the industry, specifically conducting applied research that can be expeditiously commercialized and introduced to the market in short-terms.
Over 15 years wealth of experience conducting top scale R&D demonstrated by numerous technologies developed in academia and successfully brought to the market, while working in world recognised research institutions MIT, Trinity College Dublin, Saint-Petersburg University. She was also involved in establishing a number of technological start-ups in Europe and Russia. She has over 100 scientific publications, plenary and invited talks to date. Prof Baldycheva is an editor of several scientific journals in “Nature Publishing Group” as well as Applied Sciences special issue on “Advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Biomedical Devices and Applications”. She is a Fellow of the Royal Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of Royal Microscopical Society.


Dr. Ievgeniia Kovalska, Post-Doctoral Researcher

I am Postdoctoral Research Fellow working in the field of emerging 2D/carbon-based materials – from its synthesis to implementation – for communications, energy harvesting, wearable electronics and biochemical sensing.

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Mr. Ben Hogan, PhD Student

I am a final-year PhD student working in the lab of Dr. Baldycheva.  My work is currently focused on the development and characterization of novel liquid crystalline nanocomposite materials, incorporating two-dimensional materials.

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Mr. Joaquin Faneca Ruedas, PhD Student

I am a 2nd year Ph.D. researcher in the  Opto-electronic systems Laboratory. My interest lies in the combination of active tunable materials (Phase change materials, graphene and liquid crystals) and silicon photonics. The combination of this technologies can revolutionize the optical interconnects.


Iago Rodríguez Díez, PhD Student

I am a 1st year PhD student working in the field of materials and integrated photonics. My project is focused on implementing an integrated laser on chip by combining Quantum Dot-based LEDs technology together with resonant cavities. Our main target application resides in lab-on-chip platforms to be used for bio-chemical sensing.

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Mr. Emanuele Gemo, PhD Student

I’m a Postgraduate Researcher under the supervision of Dr. Baldycheva. I’m currently involved in the numerical emulation of integrated photonic memories. I’m trying to unravel material properties and physical mechanisms involved in this novel class of devices, with the view to propose new architectures capable to enhance light-matter interaction.


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Mr. Benjamin Prat

I am a 2nd year engineering student in material and mechanical science at ENSMM, Besançon, France. I am currently in a 5-months internship and I am working on smart sensors in the laboratory of Dr. Baldycheva.

Ms. Pauline Lesongeur, M.Sc. Student

I am an engineering student in material science at ENSMM, Besançon, France. I am working in the laboratory of Dr. Baldycheva for a  5-months Erasmus exchange.  I am currently working with Dr. Kovalska on the development of graphene-based sensors.


Mr. Titouan Le Paven

Mr. Quentin Vacher

Mr. Liam Trimby, PhD Student

Dr. Onur Duzgol, Post-Doctoral Researcher