Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

STEMM AI Lab research interests span from development of high accuracy computational calculations to integration of machine learning and AI into the real world ecosystems of fintech, healthcare and communications.

Submit now : Special Issue “Advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Biomedical Devices and Applications”

  • AI algorithms in biomedical imaging and optical diagnostics
  • Explosion of IOT and IOMT data with connected health
  • AI and machine learning in medical data structuring
  • Robotics and Cobotics
  • Machine learning in biophotonics
  • Optical tomography and biomedical visualization with AI
  • Smart optical biopsy
  • Automatic standalone screening of cancer and tissue characterization
  • Hyperspectral multidimensional smart sensors satisfying the concept of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Smart optical and photonics sensors in concept of IoT
  • Smart image and video analyses
  • Support vector machine in pattern/tissues recognition
  • AI and machine learning in multimodal imaging
  • Advantages in AI algorithms for data and image processing
  • Cloud computing and the acceleration of data/image processing by CUDA

Woman in AI 
STEMM AI Lab is led by women scientists and entrepreneurs. We see as one of our main goals to support women in tech movement providing equal opportunities for genders in AI. We are also proud to be supported by a non-profit global Women in AI (WAI) Community

STEMM AI Summit is our next 2 days event devoted to promotion of women in AI disciplines and will be held in CSAI (MIT, USA) in June 2020. Join us at this first major Women in AI conference full of powerful talks given by scientists and business ladies. You can find more details here.