We are currently organising a conference – Photonic and Optoelectronic Materials (POEM) 2019.

The programme committee are now accepting abstracts for both oral and poster presentations. The abstract submission deadline is 1 March 2019.

The conference will take place University College London from 9th to 12th of April 2019. More information on POEM 2019 can be found at www.poem2019.com

More than 200 attendees will meet at this Conference and exhibition. POEM 2019 will provide a unique platform to meet, share knowledge and establish links between experts from academia and industry. The conference topics will include:

  • 2D materials

  • IV element-based photonic materials and devices

  • Chalcogenide materials

  • Quantum Dots and Nanowires

  • Organic materials

  • Liquid Crystals and Fluid Nanocomposites​

The conference programme will incorporate the following symposia:

  • 2D Material Symposium

  • Liquid Crystal Symposium

  • THz Optoelectronics and Photonics Symposium

  • Nanophotonics Symposium

  • Energy Materials Symposium

  • Metamaterials and Plasmonic Devices Symposium

  • Smart Biosensors and Bioanalytical Systems Symposium

  • Microscopy and Microspectroscopy of Nanomaterials Symposium

We already have an exciting list of Keynote and Invited Speakers lined up for this event: https://www.poem2019.com/speakers

We look forward to seeing you there.